Trio of iced teas – Herbal and Rooibos (Caffeine-free)


A trio of our favorite flavours of naturally caffeine-free herbals to prep iced teas.

  • Canadian Blueberry Herbal – Blended with dried hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apple cubs, elderberries, cornflowers and a very pleasant blueberry flavour.
  • Wild Mango Herbal – Blended with apple cubes, hibiscus flowers, elderberries, orange peels, sunflowers and wild mango flavour.
  • Rooibos Strawberry Milkshake – An extraordinary blend of strawberry fruit , strawberry leaves, and a delicious strawberry flavour.

How to use it? So easy !

Pop the tea bag of the flavour you want in a liter of water. Leave it in the fridge, overnight ideally or at least 4 hours, and enjoy!

x 50g


A set of three teas ready to prep beautiful iced teas, naturally without caffeine.

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