Make Great Tea at Home

Quick. Easy. Real. And Delicious!

There are so many amazing teas to explore and enjoy. And you can make a delicious cup or pot of any of our teas in your own home!

Some people doubt whether they can, or think it will be really hard or complicated to make a great cup of loose-leaf tea at home. But it doesn't need to be! Anyone can do it. You can have real, great, exciting tea at home.

Here are a few tips!


All You Need

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1) Buy Great Tea

Choose one from our hundreds of delicious varieties of premium, ethically-sourced, environmentally responsible teas. (Order Online)

2) Boil Water

Get your kettle going and boil your water.

3) Infuser or Bag

Get your reusable tea infuserpaper sleeve, or loose leaf tea bag and scoop in a teaspoon of tea leaves. Pick up one of our measuring teaspoons if you like!

4) Steep

Once your water is boiling take it off heat for a few moments (maybe 30 seconds) and then pour it over the tea in the infuser or tea bag. Let the tea steep for a few minutes. How long depends on the tea and your personal preference. At Bentley House we recommend the following:

Black Tea - 3-5 min
Green Tea - 3-4 min
White Tea - 3 min
Rooibos & Herbal - 4-7 min

5) Drink and Enjoy!

Remove the tea infuser, filter or bag and your delicious loose-leaf tea is ready to drink!

That's all there is to it! That's all it takes to enjoy great, real, premium teas from all around the world.

And there are so many varieties to try. Tea never needs to get boring!


One of the Largest Selections of Teas in Ontario

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