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Pumpkin Spice (Rooibos)

Reminiscent of fall feasts and pies, this Rooibos features the beloved pumpkin and the perfect combination of spices for settling in to cozy nights.

    Chocolate Mint (Rooibos)

    Finest South African Rooibos,mint leaves, natural flavour. A great caffeine free choice for minty hot chocolate lovers!

      Roasted Almond (Rooibos)

      Finest South African Rooibos, ALMONDS, bourbon vanilla pieces, and natural roasted almond flavour.

        Chai (Sencha)

        Blended with the finest Sencha green tea, a very popular Chai spice and natural vanilla flavour.

          Chocolate Cream

          Blended with chocolate chips and a delightful sweet, creamy chocolate flavour.


            Blended with Canadian blueberries, orange peel, blue mallow flowers and natural blueberry flavour.

              Ginger Lemon

              Blended with ginger, spices, lemon grass, lemon peels, lemon verbena and ginger lemon flavour.

                Chocolate Chili Pepper

                Blended with Ceylon OP, cacao shells, chocolate chips, red pepper, chili pepper, and natural chocolate flavour. A sweet and spicy treat!

                  Blueberry Cream

                  Warm blueberry muffins, lazy Saturday mornings and a cup of your favourite Roobios…life is good! Blended with South Africa’s finest Rooibos, orange peels, dried blueberries, cornflowers and natural flavour.

                    Mountain Huckleberry

                    The huckleberry is a flavourful wild berry. Find full berry fruitiness with mountain freshness in this tea.


                      This is a blend of fine Ceylon tea with organic peppermint grown in the USA. Refreshing and good for upset stomachs.

                        Bourbon Street Vanilla

                        Fruity with sweet notes. Vanilla flavouring gives the Rooibos a wonderful exotic jazzy depth.

                          Hazelnut Vanilla

                          One of our more popular teas! The high grown Ceylon tea accentuates the sweet, almost butter-like hazelnut character.

                          Cranberry Rose

                          Blended with the finest Sencha green tea, rose petals, cranberries, safflowers, and natural cranberry flavour. Sweet and lingering, a very pleasant cup.

                            Long Island Strawberry

                            Sweet strawberry and papaya pieces with smooth green tea. Astounding as either a cold or hot tea!


                              Mildly spicy with red heart cinnamon flavour. A refreshing tongue- tickling tea.


                                Blended with raspberry leaves, pieces of raspberry fruit and natural raspberry flavour.

                                  Roasted Almond

                                  Blended with finest Ceylon OP, sweet ALMONDS and natural almond flavour. Snuggle up to your honey with this tea’s aroma lingering between you. Ahh, perfect!

                                    Apple Cinnamon (Sencha)

                                    Blended with several Chinese green teas, apple cubes, spices, flower petals, and a very pleasant apple cinnamon flavour.

                                    Green Rooibos

                                    Unfermented Rooibos, contains even more of the antioxidants and flavoniods.

                                      Peach Lift

                                      High grown Ceylon tea with a full flavoured, yet delicate, peach character.

                                        Apple Cinnamon

                                        Blended with cinnamon, cloves,orange peel, natural apple-cinnamon flavour. A comforting cup guaranteed to make you smile.

                                        Vanilla (Sencha)

                                        Blended with premium Sencha Makato, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla beans, and a natural vanilla flavour.

                                          Pomegranate Hibiscus

                                          Tart with floral highlights- a cleansing and highly refreshing cup.

                                            Mango Mist

                                            Fresh piquant mango character with memories of happy days in the sun. A stunning iced tea.

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